We at the University Park Church of the Brethren are diverse in our understandings and application of the Bible. This diversity reflects the richness of scripture itself and the ineffable mind of God. We believe that our shared experience in the church enriches the journey of our lives and helps to strengthen our faith.

We affirm our common humanity as children of God and embrace variety in color, culture, age, gifts, abilities, and perspectives. We welcome those of diverse socioeconomic circumstances, gender identities, sexual orientations, relationships, and family structures.  We strive to provide an inviting and supportive community of faith and to affirm the dignity of every person.

We encourage participants to bring their own sense of the spirit to the life of the church. All roles and rites within the congregation are open to all. Among them are teaching Sunday school, being a worship leader, deacon or board member, leading in a new mission, or taking part in baptism, child dedication, communion, anointing, or the celebration of marriage. We seek to support the growth of individuals and families in their varying relationships with God.

Jesus calls us to walk humbly together in our shared humanity, serving those in need while confessing our own needs, living justly, and standing with the oppressed.  Knowing that diversity can enhance strength, creativity and vision, we welcome partners in ministry and new members from across the spectrum of human experience to help us follow Jesus’ call.