Grateful Giving and Pie!

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Sunday, November 23rd we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving week together with a simple meal after church. Bring bread, rolls, or pies to share! Some tasty soups and salad will be provided.

You’re also invited to bring a Metro Smartrip pass, grocery, gas, McDonald’s or other gift card ($10 or $15 cards are ideal) to add to the stash from which we can draw when people come to the church looking for help. Or bring quick-prep food to save for sharing with those in need.

Following the meal you’re invited to join in some community service as we drive over to the stretch of Kenilworth Avenue for which we’ve taken responsibility and pick up litter and trash along the road. If you have gloves, bring those, too!

Photo by Flickr user jeffreyw

End of Summer Picnic Memories!


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We had a great time of fellowship and fun in a different setting, the Moratayas’ house.  The food was great, and we enjoyed some chocolate desserts in honor of Kim’s birthday this weekend.  All ages played together in the pool, what a fun way to connect!  The weather was hot, but even those who stayed dry had a nice time socializing and eating, watching the swimmers and the boys playing basketball.  As this beautiful busy summer comes to a close, it was nice to reconnect with each other this weekend.


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