World Communion Sunday – October 2, 2016

Refugee camp in Aleppo. Photo by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Refugee camp in Aleppo. Photo by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation


It’s hard for us to imagine what it means to leave your home with only what you can carry or is necessary. It’s hard for us to comprehend not knowing where your next meal will come from for yourself or your family. It’s hard for us to understand bombings and the physical violence of war where we live.

This Sunday’s Love Feast will be part of  our morning worship. With Syria and its suffering so much in the news, we’ll try to make connections as we mark World Communion Sunday.

Join us as we bear witness to people suffering around the world especially remembering those in Syria. We will humbly do a foot washing and offer communion to each other and share food.  Our love feast meal will be a simple Syrian rice dish with sides of yogurt, almonds and dried fruit.

Join us in prayer and love.

University Park Church of the Brethren
4413 Tuckerman St., University Park, Maryland

Morning worship begins at 10:50am

All are welcome!

ALL CHURCH RETREAT: Feed Body and Soul April 15-17



April 15-17

Shepherd’s Spring Outdoor Ministry Center
(Sharpsburg, Maryland)

Enjoy time away with friends…

Savor God’s presence…

Stretch and grow…

Revel in the beauty of the outdoors…

Friday evening 8 p.m. –  Sunday 1 p.m.

Beds are available in the lodge or in cabins (call the church office 301-864-4328 for rates)

The church is covering half the cost for every attendee,
and has additional funds available for anyone who might need them.

Explore growing edges around multicultural awareness

We will worship, play games, sing, and walk,

Delight in good food cooked for us

Gather around the campfire, and just have fun!

Christmas Sharing Fair: Alternative Gift-Giving for the Holidays

dsc_0023 (1)

Saturday, December 5
9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

A marketplace of craftspeople, non-profits, and artists supporting justice, peace, and the good of the earth:

SERRV – global handcrafts
HEIFER INTERNATIONAL – passing on the gift of food
INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE – helping refugees around the world
ON EARTH PEACE – building justice and peace
ECO CITY FARMS – promoting sustainable local agriculture
NEW COMMUNITY PROJECT – supporting women and girls
EQUAL EXCHANGE – offering fairly traded coffees, teas, and chocolates
KOINONIA PARTNERS – cultivating community (and pecans)
CHEETAH CONSERVATION FUND – protecting life in the wild
…and more


Find creative gifts…
Sample the grilled brats or burgers…
Take something home from the baked goods table
Savor some roasted almonds…

Cookie-baking and decorating for children will also take place throughout the day!


Grateful Giving and Pie!

11109022983_e6b5546f36_z (1)

Sunday, November 23rd we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving week together with a simple meal after church. Bring bread, rolls, or pies to share! Some tasty soups and salad will be provided.

You’re also invited to bring a Metro Smartrip pass, grocery, gas, McDonald’s or other gift card ($10 or $15 cards are ideal) to add to the stash from which we can draw when people come to the church looking for help. Or bring quick-prep food to save for sharing with those in need.

Following the meal you’re invited to join in some community service as we drive over to the stretch of Kenilworth Avenue for which we’ve taken responsibility and pick up litter and trash along the road. If you have gloves, bring those, too!

Photo by Flickr user jeffreyw

End of Summer Picnic Memories!


photo 1


We had a great time of fellowship and fun in a different setting, the Moratayas’ house.  The food was great, and we enjoyed some chocolate desserts in honor of Kim’s birthday this weekend.  All ages played together in the pool, what a fun way to connect!  The weather was hot, but even those who stayed dry had a nice time socializing and eating, watching the swimmers and the boys playing basketball.  As this beautiful busy summer comes to a close, it was nice to reconnect with each other this weekend.


photo 2


Adult Ed: January Bible Study”Why Can’t We See God?”


If you had to prove that your best friend exists or that your spouse loves you, there’d be something seriously wrong. You don’t prove that friends exist, using theorems and logic; all you have to do is open your eyes and look at them. And you don’t run experiments to prove your spouse loves you; you simply experience that love in living with her or him. (I hope.)

So, why do we talk about “proving” God’s existence, “believing in” God, or “just having faith”? Isn’t this evidence that there is something seriously wrong with our “relationship” with God? Isn’t it evidence that God is fundamentally absent from us and our world? We still want to speak with divine authority about personal, social, and political issues. But how can we if God is always absent?

There are hints in the Bible that God is not absent—that we can literally see God, and experience God’s presence. But how? Come help your sisters and brothers think through the question of God’s presence in the world, and how (if at all) we can experience and live out that presence.

(a list of texts that will be used is on the church bulletin board)

Join us for Adult Ed/Sunday School starting at 9:30am…we’ll have the coffee ready!