New Adult Sunday School Series to Begin


In adult education, for the next four weeks (Feb. 5-26, 2017) we will be looking at “Archaeology and the Bible”.

This Sunday Hooker Monroe will introduce the series with specific focus on major issues in  “Archaeology and the Bible”and will share from his experience at an archaeological site in the Negev dating from 2000 BCE.


The major issue which is still live in the profession is that of  the historicity of the Bible – that is,  how accurate is the Bible as an historical account of  biblical times from the early iron age (around 1100 BCE) and the times of Jesus; and how should the Bible be used. if at all,  in guiding objective research into this question The archaeology of the Bible for biblical fundamentalists is all about proving the Bible inerrant.  On the other end of the scale “minimalists” believe that it should be assumed that the Bible, as a historical narrative,is a collection of legends and myths the very consideration of which has the potential to distort archaeological research and interpretation. The minimalists eschew even the name of the Bible in describing their field. They will call it “the archaeology of the Southern Levant”  or “Syro-Palestinian archaeology.” There is on this scale a range of  “centrists” who believe that there is likely a lot of real history in the Bible and think that the text need not be so sharply divided from the archaeology in exploring that history.


For two of our February sessions Dr Robert Miller of Catholic University will present on ” The archaeology of every day life” and ” The archaeology of religion”  in early iron age in Syria/Palestine/Israel. Dr. Miller has done extensive work in this area and is well familiar with the whole range of  perspectives on archaeology and the Bible. (as an aside, Dr. Miller grew up in a heavily Mennonite part of Ohio where he was the only non-Mennonite named Miller)

Adult Sunday School  Schedule 
February 5 – Hooker Monroe
February 12 – Bob Miller
February 19 – Hooker Monroe
February 26 – Bob Miller

All are welcome! Join us as Sunday school begins promptly at 9:30 in the front of the social hall. Coffee and tea will be there as always.


Photo attributions from top to bottom:

Advet view to the Negev via Wikimedia
Ruins in Negev desert in Israel via Wikimedia
he Negev Monument via Wikimedia
eersheba, Monument to Negev Brigade, Entrance Wall via Wikimedia

Adult Ed: January Bible Study”Why Can’t We See God?”


If you had to prove that your best friend exists or that your spouse loves you, there’d be something seriously wrong. You don’t prove that friends exist, using theorems and logic; all you have to do is open your eyes and look at them. And you don’t run experiments to prove your spouse loves you; you simply experience that love in living with her or him. (I hope.)

So, why do we talk about “proving” God’s existence, “believing in” God, or “just having faith”? Isn’t this evidence that there is something seriously wrong with our “relationship” with God? Isn’t it evidence that God is fundamentally absent from us and our world? We still want to speak with divine authority about personal, social, and political issues. But how can we if God is always absent?

There are hints in the Bible that God is not absent—that we can literally see God, and experience God’s presence. But how? Come help your sisters and brothers think through the question of God’s presence in the world, and how (if at all) we can experience and live out that presence.

(a list of texts that will be used is on the church bulletin board)

Join us for Adult Ed/Sunday School starting at 9:30am…we’ll have the coffee ready!