Lenten prayer wall: God’s “AND”

(We are continuing to worship via Zoom on Sunday mornings, and welcome those who might like to participate. If you’d like to join in that time, please contact the church at upcob@aol.com.)

During Lent, we’ve created a community wall of prayer in the front yard of the church. It’s in the form of an “AND” (ampersand) sign.

The ampersand expresses hope for more, for what is yet to come.  After a year of pandemic and of division, and in the face of our need, Lent invites us toward new life. For each, that will mean different things — healing, forgiveness, justice, peace, freedom from suffering, or other things. Our hopes and prayers are addressed to the One who opens new paths again and again, who always has an “AND” to offer!

All are welcome to add prayers during this season by using the marker and plastic strips at the sign (directions are there) and weaving strips into the dark mesh of the ampersand. The texture of the wall will grow and change over the weeks ahead as we anticipate the central “AND” of Easter!

(The prayer wall project comes from resources provided by A Sanctified Art)

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