Advent Calendar — Week Three (underway!)

Even if you haven’t kept up with daily calendar activity suggestions, you can still jump in and join in at least one of the weekly projects. This week: Assemble a food box for those in need this season.

Sunday: Put 2 cans of vegetables in a cardboard box

Monday: Add rice, pasta, or beans

Tuesday: Add canned soup or stock

Wednesday: Add 2 cans of meat or fish

Thursday: Add a box of dried fruit (raisins, dates, etc)

Friday: Add a package of cookies, cake or other dessert

Saturday: Add bottled juice or other drinks

Deliver your food to a pantry near you, unload it at the Free Community Cupboard on the corner of Tuckerman and Route 1, or leave it at the church. (Just leave the box under the bench outside, and we’ll bring it in and distribute it!)

NEXT: The Week Four project ahead is a Church World Service health kit. These kits go to places where people are in crisis: natural disaster sites, refugee camps, etc. Daily items will be posted here next week or you can find the items needed at:

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