Advent Calendar — Week Two

We’re walking toward Christmas through daily actions that point us toward light.

The calendar theme for the second week of Advent (beginning on Sunday, December 6,) is creating a gift box of small items for a child. You should be able to find these things at a local drugstore or dept. store. Each day you’ll add something to the box. Feel free to make substitutions if you wish!

Child’s Toy Box : Give a child a gift for Christmas

*Fill and wrap a shoebox

*Choose the age of a child (2 to 12) you would like to receive this box. (Adapt items below to make them age- appropriate.) Feel free to wrap each item and then wrap the outer box too. Please add a label with age noted on the box. Try to keep things gender neutral. Deliver to UPCOB by December 16 for distribution or donate to a place of your choosing.

*Add an item each day Sunday – a small box of crayons or colored pencils and a coloring book

Monday – a small stuffed animal 

Tuesday – a pair of mittens

Wednesday – a book or two

Thursday – a game, puzzle or playing cards (like Uno) that will fit in the box

Friday – 2 tubs of playdough or blocks of Sculpey

Saturday – a small lego set that will fit in the box; wrap the box and deliver to UPCOB

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