“Hope frees us to live in the present, with the deep trust that God will never leave us.”Henri Nouwen

Living in the present is like nothing most of us have experienced. A few weeks ago, from a safe distance, we were asking Lenten questions about what there is to be learned where it is barren or wild or uncomfortable. Those questions are now closer to our hearts and the distance is one between us, mandated by crisis.

Might both the questions and the space between us be holy? What an opportunity…

…to clarify what matters most (life and breath for the whole world or, as one political figure just suggested, protecting “the American way of life?”)

… to care for each other in new ways (I look forward to hearing about how you have deepened prayer, reached out to one another, given of your resources)

… to live into the sacred space of a sabbath not chosen (savoring life and rest in the midst of fragility)

The earth is unfolding its signs of spring even as we hunker down inside with our questions and our spaces. May we trust the God of life as we walk the strange path of the present!

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