Adult Ed: January Bible Study”Why Can’t We See God?”


If you had to prove that your best friend exists or that your spouse loves you, there’d be something seriously wrong. You don’t prove that friends exist, using theorems and logic; all you have to do is open your eyes and look at them. And you don’t run experiments to prove your spouse loves you; you simply experience that love in living with her or him. (I hope.)

So, why do we talk about “proving” God’s existence, “believing in” God, or “just having faith”? Isn’t this evidence that there is something seriously wrong with our “relationship” with God? Isn’t it evidence that God is fundamentally absent from us and our world? We still want to speak with divine authority about personal, social, and political issues. But how can we if God is always absent?

There are hints in the Bible that God is not absent—that we can literally see God, and experience God’s presence. But how? Come help your sisters and brothers think through the question of God’s presence in the world, and how (if at all) we can experience and live out that presence.

(a list of texts that will be used is on the church bulletin board)

Join us for Adult Ed/Sunday School starting at 9:30am…we’ll have the coffee ready!

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